In the television series "Laramie," Jess Harper rolled through town to help keep some outlaws at bay; in the real city of Laramie, the star of the show Robert Fuller, who played Jess Harper, is rolling through town as this year's Jubilee Days Grand Marshal.

Robert Fuller is a legendary actor whose credits include such classics as the Virginian, Wagon Train, Walker Texas Ranger and many more.

This year at the Mr. T Xtreme Bulls in Laramie, he was presented with his honorary belt buckle as Grand Marshal. He has a pretty extensive schedule with many events already filled. Keep an eye out for him in the parade.

Fuller originally never thought he would receive a lead roll in a television series, he said in one youtube interview. He was originally cast as a detective character in the show Markham, but Fuller had no desire to portray a detective. He said he wanted to play a cowboy. A week after the detective offer, the studio folks threw a "Laramie" script his way. But to his surprise, he was cast as the character Slim. Fuller adamantly said he wanted to portray Jess. The studio was somewhat surprised by his cavalier attitude but eventually gave him a shot to portray one of television's most memorable western characters.

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