I always thought that Labor Day was one of the most ironic holidays in American history. This was simply due to the fact that I never really knew what the point of Labor Day actually was. Because of this, I thought it to be funny that we all got a day off on Labor Day. A simple Google search revealed that Labor Day is actually a celebration of us- the American working man, or woman. It’s our country acknowledging the fact that we work hard, and deserve an extra day off each year.

Many of us view Labor Day as a final ‘hurrah,’ a chance to end our summer on a high note. So we BBQ, we fish, we hike, etc. Casper is always a fine place to celebrate this holiday because of the vast places we can celebrate. Here is a list of our Top 5 places to spend Labor Day.

#5- Beartrap Meadow

It’s always a treat when we can spend a day, or a weekend, in the mountains. The fresh air, the sounds, the beauty surrounding us never fails to bring us into a state of utter euphoria. So what better way to spend an extra day off? You can hike, camp, BBQ- you can do it all. And, if you’re just spending the day there, it’s free! What’s better than free beauty? Nothing.

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#4- Edness Kimball Wilkins

This is for those of you who want to deal with less people than who will probably frequent the rest of the places on this list. It’s got all of the stuff you like- water, hills, sun, etc, without all of the people.

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#3- Any Other Park

There are so many parks in this town, it’s crazy! Washington Park, Mike Cedar, Morad and more are all there to be your oyster. Most of these parks have benches, grills, and playgrounds for the youngsters in the group. You can cook, chat, drink (responsibly) and do it all without having to go half an hour out of your way. Chances are, you live five minutes away from a park that is just begging for you to celebrate Labor Day at.

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#2- Alcova Lake

This is one of my favorite places of the summer, so I’m of the belief that this is one of the best places to spend the last “real” day of summer. The lakes surrounding Alcova are gorgeous and are at the tip of your fingers for boating, wake boarding, jet skiing and more. There are areas all around Alcova to park, camp, and spend Labor Day in style. If you get hungry and don’t feel like the typical Labor Day fare, you can stop by the Alcova lakeside Marina to grab lunch or dinner and still be able to overlook the beautiful waters. If you’re looking to end your summer on the highest possible note, end it at Alcova Lake.

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#1- Your House

One of my favorite things to do is have people over to my house to celebrate something. Usually it’s something that is reaching, at best. “Come on over everybody, it’s Tuesday!” So when actual holidays come up, I don’t hesitate to fire up the grill, put ice in the cooler and invite my closest friends and family over for a good old fashioned BBQ. If you’re like me, and enjoy being Betty Homemaker, this is the best possible choice for you. It doesn’t require much effort, time or money, if you convince your guests to BYO-Food-Beer-etc. And this way, you can only be around the people you want to be around, you don’t have to share your land with the drunken hillbillies who are determined to hit on your little sister, and you don’t have to worry about local law enforcement officials breaking up your party, usually anyway. If you want to spend Labor Day the way you should, with good friends, good food and good beer, then there is no place better to celebrate than your own house.