Iron Man

Cosplay of the Day: Little Iron Boy
Don't let his height fool you -- this little Iron Boy is just as powerful as his Iron Man counterpart. And probably smarter, too, since he's too young to take up Tony Stark's drinking habits.
Iron Man 3 Teaser
Don't you just love how the 'Iron Man 3' folks keeping pelting us with tease after tease the day before we're supposed to see the official trailer? First it was the teaser to the trailer, which was unlocked only after everyone "liked" 'Iron Man' on Facebook, then came movie pics, then came…
‘Iron Man 3′ Poster is Here!
The official 'Iron Man 3' poster is here it's just the latest 'Iron Man' goodie to come online today to get you excited for the big trailer debut tomorrow. Check out the poster and catch up on anything you might have missed below.
‘Iron Man 3′ Poster: Is This the New Promo Art?
Marvel is preparing for the much-anticipated 'Iron Man 3' trailer, premiering on October 23 at 12:01 a.m., but there are no shortages of spoilers. We've already seen photos of the updated Iron Man armor and how the Iron Patriot will end up looking through set photos, and some attendees at NYCC 2012 …
Top Ten Movie Characters I Wish I Could Be
When I was young, I always wanted to be Batman. He was absolutely the coolest guy. I realized, very shortly, that it was basically impossible to be Batman. For some reason, however, I still always daydream about being certain movie characters. Whether it’s because they’re super cool, super tough, or…