Wyoming Parents Breaking Law?
Did your parents let you ride in the back of a pickup truck? Let you play in the park? Did they snap a pic of you in the bath? They should be thrown in jail!
In fact, here are four “Things Your Parents Did That Could Get Them Arrested Today...
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Disturbing Stranger Experiment
British news program "Daybreak" conducted an experiment that has parents everywhere questioning their awareness. The recently conducted experiment has terrified some parents and outraged others with its conclusion that the majority of children can be easily lured away from their parents …
8 Year Old Disabled Girl Found Locked in Wooden Box
A New Mexico woman and her boyfriend are in custody after police found an 8 year old girl locked inside a wooden box at the couples home in Las Cruces.  The couple had locked her in the box and left her alone while they took three other children to a movie.

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