Three Students Shot at School in Pittsburgh [BREAKING]
UPDATE 3:28 p.m. Wednesday: Pittsburgh officials say two more people are in custody in a shooting that wounded three students outside a city high school, bringing the total to six who were brought in for questioning.
Spokeswoman Diane Richard says police believe the shooting outside Brashear High Sch…
Pennsylvania Woman Hides in Suitcase to Escape Cops
When we pack for a getaway, we fill our suitcase with swim trunks and suntan lotion. But 28-year-old Pennsylvania woman Charley Fretz packed a suitcase with herself in an attempt to evade police on Wednesday. Needless to say, her creative method of escape didn’t work.
How Do You Celebrate Groundhog Day? [Video]
Groundhog Day  has always angered me. Thoughts of an early Spring only to wake up and discover Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, therefore six more weeks of winter. Who came up with this? I just think the whole deal every year is weird. Big boost to the economy of  Punxsutawney, Penns…