Wyoming's Most Popular Fictional Character
And now, definitive proof that some guys actually DO read Playboy for the articles. The popular men's magazine published an interesting story ranking "The Most Popular Fictional Character From Each State".
Here in the great state of Wyoming, our most popular fictional character…
Playboy for iPad Has Arrived
Playboy has come to the iPad. The website for the iPad, which had been announced back in January, is up and running as of today, founder Hugh Hefner revealed on his Twitter feed.
The app allows people to access all past issues of the magazine, as well as new ones.
World’s Tallest Model May Pose for Playboy [VIDEO]
Amazon Eve, who at 6 '8 is the world's tallest model, is thinking about posing nude for Playboy.
Besides modeling, the 31-year-old, born Erika Ervin, also works a fitness trainer, a wrestler and a dominatrix.
According to Amazon Eve, the only magazine she would pose nude in is Playboy, becau…