A Legend Turns 82
“We listened in a room, through the miles and miles of night. Deep in the heart of the Bible belt in the golden radio light.
Mr. Radio, you come down here to keep us company.”
Mr. Radio – Roderick Falconer
Back in 1933, there were no tablets, smartphones, laptops or co…
Ozzy Osbourne Gets His Own Radio Station
Since satellite radio launched, it’s provided an opportunity for a number of well-known recording artists to turn DJ, hosting their own stations with a mix of personal stories and their favorite songs — including Bob Dylan, Pearl Jam, Eminem, and Willie Nelson.
Now you can add Ozzy Osbourne to the li…
Cinematic Tributes To Radio
Sure, you might have your iPod in your pocket, or you might stream to your computer, but I'd be willing to bet that even the most tech-savvy, compu-guru still has those six presets dialed in on the car radio.