Why Are Mice Parachuting Onto Guam? [VIDEO]
The US Agriculture Department's method of fighting snakes on the island of Guam is nothing short of genius. The brown tree snakes are an invasive species causing millions of dollars in damage to electric systems and the bird population.
Great…Now Snakes Can Open Doors! [VIDEO]
There's a video going around of a snake opening a door.  And . . . that's all there really is to it.  Some people think it looks cool, some people it looks freaky.  We're going with freaky.  It's only 12 seconds long, and it shows a closed door with a latch.
Brave Cat Saves Baby From Python
Not long ago, Tess Guthrie's cat was hissing so loud that the sound woke her from her slumber. And when the 22-year old Australian mom did open her eyes she saw a six foot python had wrapped itself around the arm of her six-month-old daughter, who was sleeping right next to her.

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