suicide prevention

When Suicide Hits Home: Robin Williams, and My Friend Shelby
Like a lot of people, I was bowled over by the news of Robin Williams' death last week. Ironically, I had just wrapped up one of the best summer days ever, when I first saw the news - standing in the middle of a water park in Denver with my family, pulling my phone out of the locker, and there …
Suicide Prevention Training
Do you know someone who took there own life? Were there signs? Would you be able to read such signs? If you answered no or i don't know, there's a training session coming to Casper College that will help citizens be aware of someone at risk of suicide.
Come Help Break The Silence!
Bad News! Our great state of Wyoming ranks in the top 3 of US states with highest number of suicides per capita and we need your help to "Break the Silence".

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