Two Wyoming representatives are sponsoring legislation that would make it legal for a person with a prescription or medical marijuana card from another state to possess marijuana in Wyoming.

House Bill 247 is sponsored by Rep. James Byrd (D-Cheyenne) and Rep. Charles Pelkey (D-Laramie). The proposal was assigned a bill number on Wednesday.

The bill would amend language within and add a new subsection into Wyoming Statute 35-7-1031(c).

The new subsection would read:

(e) Possession of marihuana pursuant to an unexpired medical marihuana card or a written prescription properly issued under the laws of another state is lawful in this state if the person in possession is a resident of the state where the medical marihuana card or prescription was issued and the amount possessed is in accordance with the card or prescription. Nothing in this subsection shall be deemed to authorize any person to dispense or prescribe marihuana in Wyoming.

Should it become law, the measure would go into effect July 1.


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