Walk in to any sporting goods store and you will find zombie targets, zombie guns, zombie ammunition and more. Television and movies play off the fears of the undead and have made a mint with The Walking Dead , Resident Evil and a ton of others. There are zombie runs, zombie walks, zombie tours and of course the Zombie Apocalypse.

Whether you believe in zombies or not there are those that do and the people at Estately chose to create a ranking of the individual states preparedness by looking at various metrics that they feel would affect the folks ability to battle in the event of the invasion. These would include the number of veterans, physical fitness, gun ownership, knowledge of zombies and a host of others, that when added up, would give an individual state an advantage or disadvantage over others as the tide of zombies washes over.

Good news for us in the Cowboy State as we are ranked second, only behind Alaska, in the rankings. In the reasoning behind the high ranking the ones who put this together described the State of Wyoming this way,

No other state has a shared love of zombie movies and guns like Wyoming. While New Yorkers are having their brains eaten in cafes and elevators, the fine people of Wyoming will be sitting on the front porch with a shotgun enjoying a prolonged zombie hunting season.

Others in the top five include a few of our neighbors including Colorado and Idaho. For those wondering where the worst places are? Get out of New York, New Jersey and Washington D.C.

And here we thought D.C. would be a perfect place to be for the lack of brains?!?!?

Well good luck and I'll see you from the front porch.




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