Well, it's that time of year again! The kids will be headed back to school in a few short weeks. There is a ton of stress involved in getting the kids prepared to go back to school, we all know this. Keep your sanity! Check out these five places in Casper to get loaded up on everything your kids will need- from sporting goods to computers to the simple things, like pencils and paper; this list will help you get a head start on the school year. If you don't already have a list of the school supplies your kid will need, click here to download the list from the NCSD website.

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    Wyoming Stationery

    307-234-1511 328 West Yellowstone

    Whether you are a teacher or a student, Wyoming Stationery is a great place to shop for school supplies. With a large selection of writing utensils, notebooks, binders, printing supplies, and much much more, you are sure to find everything you need to get you through the school year. Wyoming Stationery also has a very helpful staff, so any questions you have are sure to be answered. If what you are looking for is out of stock, they are able to order it in promptly.

    Josh The Intern
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    Bushwells Sporting Goods

    307-235-6671 500 South Center Street

    If you have an athlete in the family, you can guarantee Bushwells Sporting Goods will have everything you need to play hard this school year. From baseball mitts to knee pads- Bushwells has got it all. Stop in and check them out at 500 South Center Street, or call 307-235-6671 for all your sporting needs this year.

    Josh The Intern
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    307-265-8214 In the Eastridge Mall

    Target has everything you need for school. You can shop great deals for back to school clothes, as well as shop for your school supplies. Check out Target's new Vintage Varsity Fall Collection. They carry everything you need to stock up a dorm room, or to help you create a really great study environment. Target will also have a list broken down by school and then by grade to help make sure you get all the supplies required for your child. Make sure you get to Target before you get the kids back to school!

    Grace Niemitalo
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    307-268-6000 In the Eastridge Mall

    One of the very most important tasks on anyone's back to school list is shopping for clothing. As a woman, I take my back to school shopping VERY seriously, and I am not even in school! But I know that Macy's will have some very cool sales going on. They have clothing for anybody and everybody in your family, so bring everyone! Go to Macy's...you won't leave empty handed OR empty pocketed!

    Grace Niemitalo
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    Best Buy

    307-995-1239 In the Eastridge Mall

    There is nothing better than starting the new school year off with some new technology. And, Best Buy is the place to go for all of the things you need. They will be having sales on laptops and printers, so you can have top of the line equipment for your school projects. Best Buy is located next door to Target. So, when you are done shopping for clothes at Target, you can swing by next door and get a new computer!

    Grace Niemitalo