Chuck Norris keyboard doesn't have a Ctrl key because nothing controls Chuck Norris. The jokes have been legendary for the former actor and martial artist. Today he's 74. "

Happy birthday Chuck Norris! On Monday, American martial artist and actor Chuck Norris turned 74. The only thing more popular than his roundhouse kick are the Chuck Norris jokes that of the “Walker, Texas Ranger” star made about him being supremely hardcore, no matter his age. His fans on Twitter believe he is just as tough as ever. "Chuck Norris doesn't celebrate turning 74, the number 74 celebrates being associated with Chuck Norris.”Another joke came from @CariHi967: “Chuck Norris is 74 today! And remember, he doesn't blow out his birthday candles. He stares at them and they extinguish themselves.”

Happy Birthday to the guy that can cut through a hot knife with butter.