The Stage is set for Super Bowl 50, with The Denver Broncos going up against The Carolina Panthers in two weeks. This will be the 8th time for The Broncos, and the second time for The Panthers, who lost in a close game with New England in a Super Bowl game that is most remembered for Janet Jackson’s “Wardrobe-Malfunction.”

Peyton Manning had one of his best games of the season yesterday with a couple of TD passes to Owen Daniels and no interceptions. Manning’s arch rival Tom Brady, got picked off 3 times. Broncos win 20 – 18.

Peyton picked up a $2 Million bonus for the win yesterday. He’ll get another $2M when they beat The Panthers.

Tickets $3,100 per and and are fluctuating hourly with some sellers asking $25,000. Denver Bronco season ticket holders are eligible for a random drawing and if selected, have the option to buy 2 tickets.

Once the teams were announced, airline flights immediately went up 35% over last year and will cost $230 - $850 to get out of Denver.

A 2 star hotel near the stadium is running $216 - $600 per night. 4 star accommodations, $1,000 or more.

AirBnB where the owner rents out accomodations, $311/night

The Panthers are favored by 4½ points to beat the Broncos, but the faithful believe in The Broncos, the AFC Divisional Champions. Super Bowl 50 will be in two weeks, February 7 at 4:35p.m. in Santa Clara, California.

Congratulations to the Denver Broncos, now onto a win at Super Bowl 50!