So as I sit here at the station I've realized that I don't listen to my own radio station. Or I didn't. Or I should. Because I seriously thought that tonight and tomorrow night was the Rolling Stones Live at the America Theater. The Stones on the BIG SCREEN! Digitally remastered with some incredible interviews with one of the greatest front men in rock and roll...Mick Jagger. Out of the world guitar work from Ronnie Wood and Keith Richards. So I snuck out of the radio station to go check it out (only about two blocks away)  and the only thing I found at the theater was Terralyn Brown selling popcorn. And I asked her "Where's the Stones Fans?" And she looked at me like I was crazy and said..for real...."Dude it's tomorrow night...don't you listen to the River?" See you all at the America Theater tomorrow night or Thursday night for one of the most amazing rock bands ever to take the stage. The Rolling Stones! Nuff said! Oh and I'll listen to the River more often as well.