After I got off work, a few minutes of digging and rocking got me out of my parking space penned in by snow. The city streets were mostly slush or wet and I thought I’ll be fine. Ha! If I only knew what I was driving into. Within 5 blocks of my house, I got stuck in the approach of a roundabout.

A police officer rolled up behind me and offered to push me, but he got stuck also. Another patrol car was stuck off to the right of the roundabout and a 4X4 Sherriff’s SUV was no help because we couldn’t get to my chassis with a tow strap.

After a few hours of waiting for a tow truck, my next door neighbor rolls up in his 4 wheel suburban, hooked me up,  but the snow kept him from getting traction. A good Samaritan hooked up to him and together they pulled me out. The rest of the drive home had its challenges and the need for one more tow but I made it home. My pickup had failed to start this morning because I rarely drive it. My bad for not anticipating the need for a 4X4.

That lesson learned and the most important lesson of all: be thankful for the great people in your life. Most angels don’t have wings. Thank you CPD officers, good Samaritans who stopped to help and especially my hero next door, Nathan. You rock!