We don't have many panhandlers in Casper, but venture into any major city and you'll find men and women asking for change, bills or whatever one is willing to give  these down on their luck members of society.Most citizens won't give any spare change because they feel these individuals will use their charity for purposes other than food, gas, or whatever the circumstance happens to call for. However, here's a different kind of panhandler operating on the streets outside of Akron, Ohio.

Chrissy Lance is panhandling for a boob job. May seem strange to some, but unlike most panhandlers, she has the proper paperwork to panhandle.

Her efforts so far have netted her $90 of the $5,000 she needs to get her bust line boosted and improve her self esteem.

Every time we see a panhandler, we usually wonder if they're on the up an up. One thing is to be said about Chrissy:  she's honest. Her sign reads, "Not homeless, need boobs!" An honest panhandler, go figure!