Slash received a star on the Walk of Fame Tuesday,  on the streets he once roamed as a kid. The legendary guitarist is number 2,473 on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.A plethora of fans braved the heat for hours to get a glimpse of the star. The fans came in droves as Slash drew one of the largest crowds in recent star reveals .

Charlie Sheen and Hollywood producer Robert Evans were amongst the guests invited by Slash to speak at the ceremony.


“It’s quite fitting, I think, that Slash is getting a star on the very street that [Guns N’ Roses frontman] Axl Rose will one day be sleeping on,” joked Sheen.  Turning serious, the sitcom star praised the guitarist, saying his friend and neighbor “through his music and through his compassion has changed the way that I look at the world forever, and that can only happen through true artistry.”


Slash spent a good part of seventh and eight grade on Hollywood Boulevard  looking at all the legends that adorned the famed street, which he then allowed himself to dream.


“It was always way too big,” he remembered.  “An achievement that was just not reachable for someone like me.”  Slash added that it wasn’t an honor he really thought about getting, but early on “the prestige of Hollywood was something that I fell for hook line and sinker…so this has been like a really, sort of, big thing that I didn’t see coming.”



Congratulations to Slash on the Walk of Fame and his number 1 single "You're a Lie!"