Steven Tyler is about to get all up in yo' face. He has about a month left in his judgeship on American Idol,he has a solo single  "It Feels So Good" to be released on May 9th. In the new issue of Rolling Stone, (on newsstands today) he gets into detail about his relationship with "Toxic Twin", Joe Perry.Tyler reveals that he and Joe got high together while recording around 2008-2009.

Tyler said that, while trying to record a new Aerosmith album with producer Brendan O'Brien around 2008-2009, the two got high together for the first time in a long while.  Tyler said, "I was rehearsing with Joe, and we’re talking, and I go, 'So, what have you got, man?' Just like 30 years before...I got to say to Joe, 'Wow, man, how you been, it’s been, what, 17 years since we got high together?'"

Another interesting revelation, Tyler flew to England to audition for vocalist of Led Zeppelin back in 2007.

Tyler says "the idea was to do a few one-off shows, and then maybe record new songs together -- none of it under the Zeppelin name."  But Tyler backed away from the position after realizing he couldn't leave Aerosmith on the back burner.  He called Jimmy Page and turned down the chance, even though he believed that "no one can sing those [songs] like me, except for Robert.  I can f**king nail them."

(via abc news radio)