Adele Plus Butter Dance Equals Your New Favorite Video
Taking the random tribal music out of a piece of performance art and replacing it with the song from the latest James Bond movie is one way to make an instant joke. This video is a piece of performance art by Melati Suryodarmo called "butterdance," but the song is 'Skyfall&apo…
Will Adele Sing the Next James Bond Theme?
When UK television host Jonathan Ross recently asked singer Adele about her upcoming projects, the soul superstar may have said a bit too much.
“It is actually a theme … wow, that’s really giving something away!” she said, quickly covering her mo…
Adele Plans ‘Quite Acoustic’ Third Album
Adele has had a couple of amazing years, and she could hardly be blamed for wanting to take a little time to soak it all in for awhile -- but she isn't planning to slow down.
In fact, she's already thinking about her next album.
While cautioning that she thinks the recording will "take a lot long…