Is Wyoming Beer & Beef Stew Worthy? [VIDEO]
In his 50 States/50 Dishes quest to prepare and sample a dish from each of the 50 states, That Wonderful Watford took on a Wyoming-centric recipe called “Milk Can Stew.” He says:
“In Wyoming they used to have "Milk Can Stew." Th...
Cooking With Nyke: Salsa
Welcome to Cooking With Nyke. For this inaugural episode, I share how to make my "not-so-secret" salsa. Feel free to share. Food is my passion... whether making it or eating it.
How to Make Ramen From Scratch at Home [RECIPE]
Many of us grew up on ramen. It's a Japanese noodle soup and it's one of the cheapest items in any grocery store. Because of that, ramen, in America, holds a notion that ramen is cheap food for cheap people. That is not the case. If you've ever been to a restaurant and had real ramen, you'll know wh…
Almond Roca Cookies Brings The Fancy Candy to Cookie Form [RECIPE]
Growing up, Almond Roca was the fanciest candy I knew. Something about that butter almond toffee wrapped in chocolate and crushed almonds, each coming in their own golden foil, it screamed high class. They are good but they're a little too hard on my teeth. I thought about the possibility into …

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