Whether in sports, television, or music, we love to celebrate all the many talents in the state. Let's talk about a TikTok star out of Laramie who bakes vintage recipes and samples them. He is gaining momentum on the video platform, with over 9 million followers and 218 million likes. If you use TikTok, you've probably run across B. Dylan Hollis. He was born in Bermuda, but the plates on his Cadillac say he is in Wyoming.

During the pandemic, like so many people, he needed an outlet for his time and creativity. He is a jazz musician, and gigs were dry, but the cakes were moist. Some of these dishes don't sound that good. For us, as viewers, it doesn't matter. If the cake made with jello and seafood tastes bad, we can watch his entertaining reaction. Then sometimes, something that sounds hideous is delicious. That is the adventure. That is the appeal of Dylan Hollis.

Take the video he did on Seafood Mousse. No one wants to try that, but watching it is entertaining. He mixes the ingredients, yelling at them like some crotchety old mechanic. He's right; who wants jello with their seafood? No one wants that. It is pure gold.


Other recipes sound disgusting, but it somehow works once all the ingredients come together. That's what's cool about his videos. Like the box of chocolates, you never know what you will get.

Hollis has gotten some notoriety lately, appearing on the Kelly Clarkson show. He prepared a pork cake for Clarkson and Jay Leno. His followers are huge in numbers. On Instagram, he has over 600k followers. On YouTube, he has over 1.6 million subscribers. It shows you can go global even if you live in Wyoming.

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