Epic Wyoming Tattoo Fail On Ink Master [VIDEO]
Now even a newcomer knows that Devils Tower is certainly in Wyoming, located just a stones throw from the thriving metropolis of Hulett, Wy. But Sturgis lays about 80 miles east of Devils Tower in the state of South Dakota and is home to one of the biggest bike rallies in the world.
Your Favorite DJ Made A Breakthrough!
After turning in a stellar performance on air, Chuck Geiger & I stepped outside for a breath of fresh air and some coffee. For some unknown reason, this chair had the four screws holding the seat in place removed. Chuck found that out when he had a seat and ended up on the floor.
Twerking Fail Ends With Girl on Fire [VIDEO]
Finally! A twerking video I can tolerate! To spoil the video, this girl tries twerking up against the door when her friend walks in, knocking her over. She, then, falls through the table that happens to have a candle on it, catching her on fire.
Worst Burglary Attempted Of All Time Goes To…
This video has so many things going for it, you'd be at a disadvantage if you didn't watch it. The looks in to make sure nobody's there, then puts his mask on, fails at breaking the window and trips as he tried to run away. That, and check out those snazzy pants...

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