At their peak the Who were the epitome of the British Wave of rock and roll. Then as the band lost their incredible drummer to an over dose, and  the4 face of rock begin to change from music to personalities, one of rock's most incredible voices decided to get into movies. And he hated it.

Roger Daltrey played the embattled young boy in the the movie version of Tommy. And it drastically effected his career.

"Pete Townshend recently said The Who would play their final large scale tour in 2015 – tells Rolling Stone Magazine" “I didn’t realise the difference between being what you would call a film star and a rock star. It was enormously different – it was very hard to deal with for a year or two after that."“It was just crazy. People just treat you so differently and you go: ‘I don’t want to be treated differently. I want to be in a rock band.’ It was hard. Just very, very difficult.“They would call me Tommy and it would really get on my tits. But ultimately I was always determined to hang on to The Who through that whole roller-coaster of a period.”

"See me...feel me....touch me." Also pay me.