Last week, the world record for longest wedding dress was set in that most romantic of European countries — Romania. With a train that goes on for 1.85 miles, you can bet this gown is a real pain to lug around when you’re going from table to table, thanking your guests for coming.

There are plenty of benefits of wearing the dress, though. Judge for yourself:

1. If you’re Kim Kardashian, you can chop off parts of the train to make your next few wedding dresses.

2. You can use the train as a tablecloth for all the tables at the reception. Not to mention the reception for the wedding at the other hall in town.

3. And you can use what you have left over to make a tent if you’re having an outdoor wedding.

4. You can hide under it when your creepy uncle comes over to congratulate you on getting married.

5. You can use it to fold up all your gifts and carry them home.

6. It’s a way to make sure people won’t be more focused on how hot your bridesmaids are.

7. The attendants who carry it down the aisle can take heart knowing the walk will offset all the cake they’re going to eat.

8. It’ll be easy to catch the bride if she decides run away at the altar.

9. You can hold up the end and make the dress double as the finish line should a spontaneous race break out.

10. The bride’s father can use it in lieu of a box of a tissues when he gets the bill for the wedding.