Wyomingites are used to the cold and show. It is a part of life as much as going to the grocery store. So we find it quite amusing when the rest of the country gets a dusting of snow, and the city turns into utter chaos. They have never had to shovel the driveway in 40-miles-per-hour winds. At least for this weekend, we can gloat over our good weather while the East Coast is brushing off a few flakes.

"It's cold," they say.

Wyoming says, "I can sell you my springtime jacket."

* The forecast information in this story is from the weekend of 1/5/18 to 1/7/18

St. Louis, MO - Highs in the 20s

New York, NY - Hights in the teens

Philadelphia, PA - Hights in the teens

Washington, District of Columbia - Highs in the mid-20s

Columbus, OH - Hights in the teens to mid-20s

Detroit, MI - Hights in the teens to mid-20s

Chicago, IL - Hights in the teens to mid-20s

Charlotte, NC - Hights in the low 30s

Richmond, VA - Hights in the 20s

Boston, MA - Hights in the single digits to teens




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