Before getting into this very controversial topic, I plead my case with “It takes one to know one”. I myself am a very skilled driver, but I do not always handle rules the best. I love Casper and its people, so I hope that you can take this in good humor. I myself am guilty of these, and I’ve seen many other people in the same boat... err uh … Car as me. Honestly, we all break the law a little sometimes. Sometimes we find ourselves in a rush, and our feet become just a bit heavier than we intend them to be. Other times you just feel safer making more space from the people either behind or Infront of you. My point is stuff happens, we all know that breaking the law is bad, but as humans we do mess up. 

After all that is said I hope you can digest the rest of this all in good fun. Don’t be afraid to laugh about some of the stupid things you got away with, or maybe you didn’t quite get away with. As guilty as I am I do criticize other drivers hard for making the same decisions, why? Because I have firsthand experience of exactly how dumb that choice is.  

As driving is a part of our everyday lives, we do become a little complacent with how we view our most common mode of transportation. From that initial sense of freedom to what can sometimes become a chore, we forget that we are steering giant missiles. So as fun as it is to laugh at yourself and others, let this serve as a good reminder to check yourself before you wind up on our news page. 

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