If you'd like a close-up view of Muddy Mountain south of Casper, this home is about as close as you're gonna get. Here are 14 pics of a home that would definitely benefit from having a snowmobile.

I found this home messing around on Realtor.com. I didn't initially see it until I zoomed that map out because this one is really in the southern part of our area. The address is 10840 Silver Leaf Road. Here are some pics:

I tried to check Google Maps to give you an approximation of where this home is located. As you can see, it is definitely within viewing distance of Muddy Mountain.

Google Maps Satellite View

The Realtor listing shows the home itself occupying 1,792 square feet on a 6.14 acre lot. It also says that the owner is willing to consider leaving the snowmobile which would seem to be a cool bonus for a home that is this far south of Casper where a lot of snow is not rare.

The current asking price as of today is $299,566. Check out the full listing for more details on this home and future updates.

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