Like many in the world I have a pretty whack or lack of, sleep schedule. Because of this I’ve gotten the opportunity to see Casper in a light most people don’t get to. This isn’t going to be some generic list as lots of articles are. I have few reasons, but incredibly meaningful reasons about why I love this town when it falls asleep.

Casper at night.

Especially weeknights where the streets are mostly empty, is my favorite time to be out and about. I’m not going anywhere I am not supposed to be, or making trouble just walking around enjoying myself.

If I had a good enough lens to be able to show you the night sky that would be the MAJORITY of my list. The view of the stars in little Casper, Wyoming is unparalleled. The ability to differentiate constellations, satellites, planes, helicopters, and sometimes planets with the naked eye, is not a luxury that every state has. Star gazing being a common pastime, or date idea is an underrated treasure we have.

Of course, there are more than stars to look at while you’re here. One of my favorite aesthetics are actually the empty, lit streets of downtown Casper! Flower beds on every corner, colorful signs where you wouldn’t expect, it’s just enough to make you feel like you’re the main character of an indie movie.

Something I haven't mentioned that gives us the ability to enjoy all this, is feeling safe on the streets. I was out from 11pm to 1am and not once did I feel in danger. The best part of a “small town” feeling, is that everybody knows everybody kind of nature. I was passed by a few cars, some of them being cops, but I was harassed by nobody. I’ve met people in and out of uniforms looking for trouble, and there has never been a time in Casper when I felt like that was the case. Every time I go out late at night, there is little to no trash, if (strong if) anyone else is out they generally keep to themselves, and as long as you're not making trouble none comes to find you.

Casper is pretty, it is clean, and very safe. It is clear why we as a community carry a lot of pride in our town. Although we all have our small-town gripes, nothing to do, no people, everything's closed, it is well worth it. I wouldn’t trade anything for the condition our town is in at all.


19 Reasons Why I love Casper Nights

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