Meet Koda, the winner of the 2014 Scoop The Poop Mascot Contest!  Koda is the official 2014 spokesdog for the City’s “Scoop The Poop” campaign! This lucky canine will be plastered around town on billboards, plus receive a photo shoot, a 20×24 canvas mounted print from Beartooth Photography, and a $100 gift card from Tails of the City!  Congrats Koda!

Dog poop that hasn’t been picked up can be washed into storm drains, nearby waterways – and can be a major source of bacteria and parasites. (Plus, it’s really not fun to step in.) We’re teaming up with the City Of Casper to get this important message across – whether you walk your dog on public streets or let it roam your backyard – "Scoop the Poop, Everybody’s Doing It!”