With the economy and consumer confidence both on the rise, many employers are expanding their workforce.  If your resolution for 2018 is to find a better job and the chances of you finding that job this year are in your favor.

Wallethub.com just published its list of 'Best Places to Find a Job' list and 2 towns in Wyoming are included.  Both Cheyenne and Casper were included in this year's list as places where the current job market is improving and socioeconomic factors are favorable for job seekers.

The Wallethub survey included the 150 most populated cities and at least 2 most populated cites in each state.  The survey focused on two key areas including Job Market (job opportunities and growth) and Socio-Economic levels (income vs cost of living).

According to the latest Jobs Report, Cheyenne ranks 128th (out of 182 cities) on the list with a 132nd ranking in Job Market and a ranking of 92nd in Socio-Economic opportunity.  Casper ranked 161st on the list with a 177 ranking in Job Market and a 73rd ranking in Socio-Economic opportunity.

The ten best cities to find a job in the US in 2018 are:

1 - Chandler, AZ

2 - Scottsdale, AZ

3 - San Francisco, CA

4 - Peoria, AZ

5 - Gilbert, AZ

6 - Plano, TX

7 - Portland, ME

8 - Irvine, CA

9 - Madison, WI

10 - Boston, MA

Fargo, ND and Bismark, ND both finished just outside the top 10 as best places to find a job in 2018.

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