The Natrona County Planning and Zoning Commission on Tuesday approved plans for a 240-megawatt solar power facility north of Casper and west of Bar Nunn.

Dinosolar LLC says the project is located on 2,150 acres of private land. Power would be loaded onto the Rocky Mountain Power grid. The solar array portion is expected to occupy 1,710 acres.

If the Natrona County Board of Commissioners approves the project during their June 2 meeting, the county stands to receive $46.7 million in property taxes over the project's 35-year-life, plus an additional $8.7 million in sales and use taxes, according to Dinosolar.

Development and construction costs for the project are expected to run at roughly $266.6 million. Of that, $173.9 million is included for equipment and material purchases.

According to Dinosolar's application with the county, the completed facility will be capable of powering as many as 51,700 homes. Dinosolar is currently in talks with potential customers.

Dinosolar says no purchasers have been determined and it's not known which markets power from the facility will go to. If Rocky Mountain Power should purchase the company's electricity, Dinosolar would be subject to Public Service Commission requirements. However, if it is used in commercial industries, Dinosolar would not be subject to the Public Service Commission.

Road construction on the project would commence in September 2022, with construction on electrical and solar arrays beginning the next month. If everything goes to plan, the facility would be commissioned in November 2023 with commercial operation beginning a month later.

Dinosolar expects a construction workforce ranging from 20 to 210 workers to complete the project. On average, 116 workers will build the project over a 15-month period.

Two or three operating jobs are predicted to be created at the facility.

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