Though we just made it through summer cold season and have a weeks (at least we hope) before winter gets here, we're not out of the woodwork yet when it comes to being sick. In fact, it seems as though numerous casper-ites are fighting a cold right this instant. This writer himself may or may not be writing this piece while under heavy influence of Nyquil. Regardless, we've come up with a few ways for you to fight a fall cold in Casper.

#4- The Basics

Bed rest is always a good choice. It's hard to maintain the regulated 8-hour sleep nights, but it is super important to at least try to get in 7 or 8 hours on a given night. While The Sleep Foundation says that there is no 'magic number' when it comes to sleep, I tend to ere on the side of 8.  This will keep you happy and healthy. Also, water is an absolute necessity. The Mayo Clinic recommends drinking at least 3 liters (or 13 glasses) a day. I don't do this nearly enough and I always regret it. After this recent bout with sickness, I have become determined to get enough rest and drink enough water. It's also extremely important to wash your hands and

#3- Visit Local Clinics

If you're in the middle of a cold, and the Dayquil(Fighter of the Nyquil- AHAAAA) just isn't cutting it, you may find yourself wanting to visit a doctor. The problem with this, of course, is how utterly expensive it is.  Not to mention the added annoyance of having to make an appointment. Luckily for us, we have two clinics in Casper that are relatively cheap, easy and they accept walk-ins. Urgent Care of Casper and InstaCare in Casper are both available to treat you when you're feeling under the weather but don't feel like giving away your first-born child in order to get treated. Both clinics house doctors, nurses, physician assistants and more and they do everything that your family doctor does, but they do it much quicker and much cheaper.

#2- Yoga

Any yoga enthusiast will tell you about the seemingly hundreds of benefits that this activity will bring. It relieves stress, keeps you fit and is a fantastic way to unwind after a long day. But did you know that yoga, especially hot yoga can help fight the common cold? According to Doctor Timothy McCall in an article written for Yoga Journal, a regular yoga practice can help boost the immune system and ultimately prevent or shorten the duration of colds. This is due to the stress hormone cortisol being reduced because of yoga. If you're already in the midst of a cold, there are numerous 'poses' that you can do that will help fight it. A headstand will clear up your nasal passages, the 'fish' and 'tortoise' poses will help with your throat and Ujjayi breathing will also create fire in your system to burn toxins. Obviously, you shouldn't do these poses without a trained professional present, and luckily, Casper has a host of yoga studios to help you out. Healthy Life Studio,  Prana Fittness & Yoga and Lifetime Health and Fitness, to name a few are wonderful, relatively cheap studios that will keep you in shape and will help you fight those pesky fall colds.

#1- Eating/Drinking Au Natural

We live in a constant state of Go-Go-Go and are thus forced into consuming food and beverages that are...erm...less than healthy for us. Fast food and even the groceries we buy from regular grocery stores don't seem like they would contribute to our illness, but they do. This is why it would behoove us all to eat and drink more naturally. For those of us who want to do that, there is Natural Grocers. One of Casper's newest grocery stores boasts a selection of amazing natural, delicious and yes, healthy foods, juices and more. They have naturally raised meats, natural fruits, health supplements- they even have coconut oil. According to their website, the MCFAs found in coconut oil help fight a variety of infectious agents, like those found in influenza, herpes, measles and more. If you're really looking to combat your cold head on, before it even stands a chance, start shopping at Natural Grocers.


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