We can all agree that we've seen a lot of places come and go in Casper over the last few years. But there are quite a few that are still going strong but still only have one location in town. I vote that these places need to open up a second location in town.

1. Old Chicago: This one does need a second location on the west side of town! It used to bug me more when I lived on the west side but since I moved I am closer to the one on 2nd street.

2. Eggingtons: I seriously can't believe that they don't have a second location! In my opinion, it's some of the best food in Casper. I vote to put another one down the road from my house!

3. Metro Coffee: I know that we have a lot of other places to get our caffeine fix around town but I don't think any of them compare to Metro Coffee.

4. Firerock: For being such a classy place you'd think that they would do us the courtesy of putting one up on the west side of town!

5. KFC: I totally forgot that we had one of these until I was asking some co-workers about a place to go for lunch and they threw this idea out there. I am all for having a little more fried chicken in my life!

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