Living in Wyoming, most of us know that fall is a revolving door of sunny days and snow storms. One day it is nice and pleasant, and the next you are shoveling snow off the sidewalk. Autumn itself is very short lived in the Cowboy State that is why you have to seize the opportunity when the weather is beautiful.

That's why we made this list of 5 Fun Things To Do Before Winter Takes Over. Winter is inevitable, but that doesn't mean we have to let it rule our lives. We will have to deal with it when it gets here, but for the moment it is nice sweater weather. So seize the day when it is pleasant and enjoy one of these activities.

  • Take A Hike


    It doesn't have to be a hike, but there are plenty of great outdoor spaces to stretch your legs. Wheather you take the dog for a walk or grab your bike, the Platte River Trails are a great place to enjoy some fresh air. Want some other ideas? Here are some great hikes in the Casper area.

  • Throw A BBQ


    Any day is a good day for a BBQ. Although the wild wintery winds of Wyoming can be an obstacle, the fall is a perfect time to cook up some burgers or steaks on the grill. Don't forget to invite a few good friends. Check out some BBQ tips from our very own Rodeo Rick.

  • Trip To Denver

    Bill Schwamle, Townsquare Media

    Wyoming is great because it is a small community, but still close enough to a large city. It's not like Alaska where you need an airplane to get to the grocery store. Why not take a trip to Denver. The big city could provide shops and restaurants that you can't find in Wyoming. Check out a game or concert. You can also drive in the bumper to bumper traffic, and remind yourself why you live in the Cowboy State.

  • Get Muddy


    If you enjoy motocross or ATV, now is your time to let the mud rip. Wyoming has a lot of places to ride off-road. Always obey all safety and law enforcement regulations. Wear a helmet and watch out for the bentonite. If you ride, you know the struggle.

  • Go Fishing


    Wyomingites know you can fish all year. Just because the boat is winterized, doesn't mean you can't hit up the river or lake. Cast from the bank or grab your waders. The fish still bite in the fall. Check out our story about the best 5 Places to Fish in Casper.