The title of the richest person is like a horse race. There are always the top racers. Each race has its own qualifications, but only a few elite are in the running. Forbes magazine just published an article about the richest person in each state for 2017. There are five people on that list who have connections to the Cowboy State.

Christy Walton is NOT the richest person in Wyoming. She was in 2015, but now her net worth is reported as 5.8 billion dollars. However, some of her in-laws are the richest in other states. Jim Walton is the richest man in Arkansas with a reported 38.5 billion dollars. The richest person in Texas is Alice Walton with 38.2 billion.

Bill Gates who owns a ranch in Wyoming is the richest person living in the state of Washington. His net worth is an unfathomable 88.9 billion dollars. No wonder he could own the ranch built by the legendary Buffalo Bill.

As for the person who is the richest permanent resident of Wyoming, he is the sweet tooth enabler who inherited the Mars candy corporation. John Mars according to Forbes has the largest net worth in the state. He is worth 27.6 billion. He and his sister inherited the corporation when their father passed. Jacqueline Mars also happens to be the richest person in Virginia with a net worth of 27.6 billion.

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