It is no big secret that Casper truly is a great place to live, but it seems more and more outsiders are permanently invading our little slice of heaven each year.

This is what we like to think of as the definitive list of reasons no newcomer should want to move here... at least not in the immediate future.

*This is all in the spirit of fun*


  • 1

    "Casper - The Friendly Ghost" Reference

    There is no other reason for this inclusion except that it has gotten so old over the years that it is borderline unbearable. Yes, we know he was a beloved cartoon character and the live action movie was cute, but we're tired of hearing it. If you don't want to suffer the endless jokes and never-ending ridicule, just stay away.

  • 2

    Cowboys & Country Music

    If you're not a fan of the good ole boy look and line dancing to Chris Ledoux, this is definitely not the place for you.

    Of course we have other genres of music and all kinds of ethnic people here, but after all, Casper is in the heart of "The Cowboy State" (no matter how many times Texas tries to lay claim to the title).

    *Author's Note: Chris Ledoux called Casper home, so tread lightly when using his name... for your own safety*

    Joe Raedle, Getty Images
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    Yellowstone Erupting

    If... excuse me, "when" the volcano below Yellowstone National Park finally does erupt, it will no doubt take Casper (as well as the rest of the country) with it in a literal blaze of glory!

  • 4

    Annoying Time Travelers

    In October 2017, a Casper gentleman by the name of Bryant Johnson claimed to be a time traveler and warned of a "false flag alien attack" that is coming in the near future.

    He wouldn't be the only one either. Remember #3? This guy also claims to be from the future and predicts Yellowstone will inevitably bring about Ragnorak (see also: the end of the world).

    Courtesy: Casper Planet
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    We understand most city slickers can't deal with our weather. In the cold and snowy winters, we enjoy our outdoor activities like hunting, skiing and snowboarding. During our smoldering hot summers, we enjoy a good rodeo.

    Now the truth, the wind here destroys EVERYTHING and we only have two real seasons: winter and construction!

    Bill Schwamle, Townsquare Media