I know that I wasn't the only kid causing trouble growing up in the valley. Mainly because I had a whole block full of friends that helped me "terrorize" the neighborhood.

There are still some fond memorize and scars that I have from my youth. Some are thanks to my own stupidity and others I have my friends to thank.

1. Sneaking off with my friends to go swim and swing in the spillway. If you don't know what the spillway was can you even call yourself a PV kid?!

2. During winter break we would round up as many neighborhood kids as possible and meet at PV school to have an all-out snowball fight.

3. Summer nights were the best to sneak out of the house late at night to go up to the swimming pool and play flashlight tag in that huge open field that's lined with trees and brush on either side.

4. This one is probably way more than you need to know about my childhood but, I did have my first kiss on the playground at the Paradise Valley school.

5. Bike races down the center of our street. I loved doing this with my friends during the summer. Until one summer I got into a horrible accident that ended up with my parents taking me to the E.R. and I got the "new" Shrek movie on VHS! Overall not a bad deal for me.


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