These are some of the unique places to crash in the Cowboy State. We looked at camp and travel website to find different yet astounding rooms for rent. This story avoided the traditional hotels because we wanted to find an experience. For example, we didn't want the historic hotel; we wanted to live the historical experience. The best part is most of these places are cheaper than a hotel room.


Wyoming State Parks

Tree House at Keyhole State Park

Sleep above the canopy of trees at Keyhole State Park. You can rent this tree house with a lake view. There is no indoor plumbing or bathroom, but the camp lavatory is a short walk. The room can sleep up to 5 people. Plus it is handicapped accessible.

Wyoming State Parks

Yurt in Wyoming State Parks

There are several state parks that rent Yurts. These buildings originally used by Mongolian nomads, according to,  are round and portable. It could be compared to a teepee, but the construction is different using a folding lattice wall and central round ring. You can rent a yurt at Glendo State Park, Guernsey State Park, and Sinks Canyon State Park.


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Teepee Near Heart Mountain

Have you ever wanted to sleep in a teepee? Wyoming has a few different options, and this is just one of them. This location is near Heart Mountain on an organic farm. Enjoy the campfire at night for a cowboy experience. You could even learn about what it means to be a USDA certified organic farm.

Retro Camper in Dubois

This teal retro rockstar comes from It comes with a warm bed, kitchen, and BBQ grill. The lavatory is a short walk away. Included are bicycles to ride and tubes to float down the river. Want to kick up your heals? There is also a hammock.


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Sheep Wagon Near Cody

Want to live like they did in the homesteader days? This sheep wagon is up for rent located near Cody. This renter offers access to modern amenities like wifi, running water, and a washing machine through the main house.


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Japanese Style Cabin Near Heart Mountain

Described as a romantic getaway, this cabin has Japanese flair. It is cozy plus has spa luxuries like a dry sauna and Japanese style soaking bathtub. The deck faces east for a relaxing sit in the Big Horn Basin.


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A Tent for Kings and Queens

Most of the time when you think of a tent, it's one of those nylon shells with the collapsing polls. This is a tent for a king or queen. It has a real bed with real furniture. Also you can shower in a outdoor shower. This getaway is remote, so if you are looking for nightlife, this isn't the place. How else could you shower outside, right?