This weekend, I celebrated the return of baseball season at Coors Field in Denver. As a longtime fan, I expect to pay out the nose for concessions at a big league ballpark. This year, I was pleasantly surprised that a beer still costs less than $10 (I paid $9 for a "premium" brew).

However, I did notice something that I have never seen before. A parking lot three blocks from the field was charging $80 for a parking spot. And yes, the lot was nearly full. A half mile away from the ballpark, another lot was charging $60.

I know parking is limited, and traffic around the ballpark is always a nightmare. But even if I was a multi-millionaire and I was running late for the game, there's no way I could ever pay $80 for one parking spot (a spot that isn't even good for 24 hours). I eventually found a parking garage about a mile away and spent a grand total of $58 for the entire weekend.

As I walked past the $80 parking lot on my way to the game, I couldn't help but think of the old cliche "money is wasted on the rich". Sure, I had to walk a mile to the game. But at least, I still had enough money for a cold one (or two).


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