Recent rainfall has caused flooding issues in Casper, Natrona County and really all around the Cowboy State.

So, I decided to take a look at the history of  floods in the Cowboy State.

Wyoming has a history of floods dating back to the 1800's. July 1895 here in Casper, a wall of water said to be 20 feet tall swept down Garden Creek and obliterated a camp site killing three.

If you got to see any of the footage from the past weeks storm, you witnessed the power of Garden Creek Falls.

Cheyenne holds the distinction of most damaging Wyoming flood. August 1st, 1985 damages from flooding in the Capital City were put at 65 million in lost property. Twelve people lost their lives and 70 injuries occurred during the flood of 1985.

The deadliest flood in Wyoming history happened just east of Casper. Five days of widespread rain fall caused a railroad bridge to be washed out, resulting in a train crash that took the lives of many.

In May of 1978, a heavy wet snow and record rains did very extensive damage to property, crops, and livestock in 12 counties (Park, Big Horn, Campbell, Converse, Crook, Johnson, Natrona, Sheridan, Washakie, Weston, Hot Springs, and Niobrara). Hundreds of homes were damaged and many totally destroyed. Numerous bridges and sections of roads were washed out; power lines were downed, with much damage to cars and personal property.

The Town of Kaycee was hit by flood waters back on August 27th, 2002. The flooding caused significant devastation, when the final count was taken the numbers were staggering $459,166 in damage, including 19 trailers, 22 houses and 12 of Kaycee's 15 businesses were lost.

Who can forget the flood on June 4th, 2015 that occurred in Niobrara County, when the Niobrara River spilled out of its banks and caused major damage to the Town of Lusk.

This flood resulted in homes and business flooding along with cars being washed downstream. Highway 18/85 northbound out of Lusk also saw a portion of the bridge collapse.