Here's something you don't see every day. A moderate earthquake struck Wyoming today about 80 miles to the northeast of Casper.

The USGS is reporting that a 3.6 magnitude quake struck just to the east of Wright, Wyoming around 12:13 pm today. Technically, it's possible this quake could have been felt in Casper based on the shake map from the USGS although it's highly doubtful.


Based on the USGS, it appears this has been reviewed by a seismologist but there are no reports of any kind of damage as a 3.6 is not what anyone would consider a major quake.

Earthquakes in Wyoming are normal in the western part of the state especially in the Yellowstone region. But, it's not common to see a quake of this size in the northeast part of the state.

You can follow the USGS for the latest earthquake information including updates to this moderate shaker.

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