Riddyk Quiroz

Meet Riddyk Quiroz, born July 19, 2011, with a rare genetic disorder known as Pfeiffer Syndrome. This disorder is characterized by the premature fusion of certain skull bones, known as craniosynostosis.Pfeiffer Syndrome affects bones in the hands and feet of it's victims too. The road will be long and the battle filled with ups and downs. Riddyk is the youngest of 5 children and he faces surgery soon.

Riddyk was born with a coronal fusion. The coronal suture goes from ear to ear on the top of the head. Early closure of one side, Riddyk's closure is both sides, unilateral coronal synostosis (plagiocephaly) results in the forehead and orbital rim (eyebrow) having a flattened appearance on that side. This feature is apparent when looking at the child in the mirror. Riddyk will undergo a cranial vault reconstruction late June 2012 and have four in his life time.

Hearing loss and dental problems are too associated with Pfeiffer Syndrome. Riddyk's hearing test have been good so far.


Riddyk has passed all hearing test but does have to keep tubes in his ears untill the midface surgery. Mid face reconstruction will take place when Riddyk is between the age of four and six. This reconstruction will correct his beaked nose, fix the upper jaw and help with the bulging and wide-set eyes.

Pfeiffer Syndrome is very rare and only effects 1 in every 100,000 babies. There will be more surgeries for Riddyk and his family in the future.


Riddyk was born with webbed toes on both feet and his left hand, the 3rd & 4th fingers, were webbed as well. He had an extra syndactyly on both pinkie fingers. Riddyk recently went through surgery to release 2 toes on each foot and removal of the extra syndactyly and release of the webbed fingers. He will undergo another surgery around the age 2 to release the other toes.

The family has set up a Facebook page for everyone to follow Riddyk's progress as he goes on this medical journey. Having to travel to Dallas, Texas for treatment because of the rareness of Pfeiffer Syndrome, the family would appreciate any financial help or prayers you could share in their battle.

There's account set up at any First Interstate Bank in Casper, Wyoming that you can deposit into the Baby Quirozs account.

You can too make donations here.

If really all you need is love, Riddyk will be just fine. Watch video of the happy young man with his parents. Good Luck!

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