The main character from ABC's medical drama 'The Good Doctor' has history in Casper, Wyoming, but the 'Casper' on the screen does not resemble the Casper that I know.

'The Good Doctor' follows the story of Shaun Murphy, a young autistic surgeon with savant syndrome who goes to work at a prestigious hospital in San Jose, California. Shaun Murphy is from Casper, where he had a troubled childhood. The video below shows Murphy leaving his home in 'Casper', but the setting doesn't really look like Casper, Wyoming at all.

First off, I understand that a major network is not going to film everything in its exact location. However, I do feel like they could have picked a location that looked a little more true to form. The setting in the series reminds me more of the Pacific Northwest, rather than the prairie that Casper actually sits on. The cloudy mountains, rainy exteriors, and drainage ditches look more in place in the coastal region of Oregon or Washington. Even the architecture look coastal. Plus, there doesn't appear to be even a hint of wind, which is a dead give away.

Once again, I know ABC is not going to actually come to Casper to sell the realism of the backstory. I also understand this is probably overly 'nit picky' of me and that only folks from Casper or folks familiar with Casper would even notice. Casper plays only a small part in the series - mainly serving as backstory for Shaun Murphy, but it is not too often that Casper gets name dropped on prime time TV.

I am not saying that ABC's version of 'Casper' is bad, it is just off. In fact, wherever this was filmed looks like a pretty nice and quaint little town. This is just another example of Casper playing a setting on TV or in a movie and not even being close to the real thing. Have you ever seen the airport scene in Bridesmaids?


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