Adam Levine is a talented guy. Levine and his band Maroon 5 were guest on NBC'S Tonight Show Starring Jimmy  Fallon on Tuesday, promoting the band's new disc, V.

Fallon interviewed Levine during the visit and got him to play a game called "Wheel of Musical Impressions.  The game called for the two to impersonate a random artist singing popular children's songs.

Levine impersonated Frank Sinatra singing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes," Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder singing "Hot Cross Buns" and Michael Jackson taking on the theme from Sesame Street.

They also got some time to talk about Levine's July wedding to model Bahati Prinsloo.

Levine told Fallon, “We were bullish about it just being our own thing." Levine said there were no cell phones allowed at the wedding and remarked that "people were actually forced to interact socially," which he joked, “was totally scary.”

Adam and Maroon 5 will continue to promote their new project with visits to other shows during the week as they prepare for their latest tour.

The band will pay a visit to America's Got Talent on Wednesday, The Daily Show on Thursday and The Ellen DeGeneres Show on September 8. Maroon 5 kicks off a world tour February 16 in Dallas. It will hit 27 North American cities and ten European dates before wrapping up in Lisbon, Portugal June 17.