A newly single mother of two has come up with a novel marketing ploy to sell the home she once shared with her adulterous husband in Oregon.

“Husband left us for a 22-year-old,” reads Elle Zober’s For Sale sign. “House for sale by scorned, slightly bitter, newly single owner.” In fine print below, she adds, “Adulterers need not apply.” After Zober’s husband of 10 years left her for his mistress, a “22 year old college student who likes yoga,” she swiftly put the house up for sale.

Her candid sign attracted a whole load of attention to her otherwise pretty ordinary three-bedroom Beaverton Bungalow, when she posted it in the front yard on Friday morning.

Zober also created a website to explain her story more fully: “We did everything right.  Married ten years.  Two kids: one perfect boy, one bouncy, perfect baby girl.”

Her marriage fell apart when she discovered her husband’s affair. “This whole thing happened so fast…Sure I’m angry, and every bit as sad as the sign suggests.” She adds, ironically, “So, our wonderful, cute, sweet family home is FOR SALE!”

Zober insists her sales techniques are not about revenge, nor are they designed to publicly shame her ex-husband. “I just thought it was truth in advertising,” she said. “I want people to know it was a family home.”

In addition to her “For Sale” sign and website, Zober has even started selling refrigerator magnet versions of the sign. Who knew a divorce could turn into such a valuable marketing technique?

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