Many around Wyoming, and indeed, some from around the world know about the antler arches in the town square of the popular tourist town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The first of four arches that stand at the corners of George Washington Memorial Park was built back in 1953 by the local Rotary Club. They have been photographed many thousands of times and indeed, are quite impressive.

RealtyGroupJackson via Youtube

However, there is an elk antler arch in the Cowboy State that is bigger, spanning some four lanes of highway traffic in downtown Afton, Wyoming.

Bravo Alternative Media via Youtube

It took over 3,000 antlers to stretch the 18 foot high, 75 foot long rectangular arch on Highway 89 between Fourth and Fifth street. It weighs 15 tons.

It might be worth a visit to the beautiful Star Valley, “a grassland valley in forested mountains.” this summer.