The Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs is one of many entities across America affected by the United States government shutdown.

Only employees designated as "essential," are to work on the base at all right now. Coaches, trainers, and other officials with Air Force's athletics teams fall into the category as "non-essential."

Air Force men's and women's basketball was supposed to face Fresno State University Saturday, however both games were cancelled. The Falcon ladies were already in California for their game, and Fresno State's men had arrived in Colorado Springs Friday.

Air Force swimmers were in Las Vegas and their rifle team in Fort Worth, Texas. Hockey had a home game scheduled against Sacred Heart University. Not only were all of these events cancelled, but the rest of the season for AFA's winter sports teams are in limbo. Even practices are not allowed right now.

Academy officials are weighing many options on continuing operations not only for athletics, but on the entire base according to the Colorado Springs Gazette. One potential option is to receive sponsorship money to continue operations. In 2013 during a government shutdown, Air Force revived $230,000 from USAA to play a football game against Navy.

Falcons basketball is scheduled to play Utah State and Boise State this week. Wyoming has only one game on the schedule with Air Force, those games are on February 28.

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