It's no secret that hiking is my happy. From climbing Pike's Peak to hitting local trails (both solo and with my five kids) as often as possible, it's safe to say that I have a hiking family.

I was super excited to see that the Wyoming Office of Tourism released a list of 10 Family-Friendly Hikes in Wyoming. I'm always looking for new places to hike on the weekends, or when I have an afternoon off.

How cool is it, that a local trail made the list?

According to the article, the Cotton Wood Creek Dinosaur Trail "Combines hiking and education for the ultimate family outing. Cottonwood Creek Dinosaur Trail features a number of fossils and other geological formations in just 0.9 miles. Interpretive signs along the trail add context to these natural features, allowing you and your kiddos to engage and learn as you hike. "

This trail is located less than an hour outside of Casper and overlooks the beautiful Alcova lake.

Google Maps
Google Maps

This is a fairly easy trail and short, which makes it perfect for families with younger children.

Truthfully, the best thing about this trail is you can hike and learn about dinosaurs and then cool off playing at Sandy Beach afterward. Bring a picnic or some snacks and make a whole day out of this adventure.

Just a quick shout out to another trail that made the list, Popo Agie Falls - Sinks Canyon State Park. My family and I hiked this trail a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it.

Where is your favorite place to hike with your family in Wyoming?

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