The Wyoming Game & Fish will be featured on a new series on Animal Planet.  The Al Roker Entertainment original production 'BACKCOUNTRY JUSTICE' aired Sunday and chronicles the work of unique individuals: a collection of men and women who put their lives at risk just to get to work as they scour the trails of Wyoming Back Country looking to put poaching to an end. This program is set in the most contradicting landscape – a beautiful, yet harsh environment, where the only thing that is certain is that everyone you run into is armed. The Wardens combine old west rules with forensic and conservation techniques to solve the cases and bring offenders – both animal and human to justice.

“Wyoming has some of the world’s most spectacular wildlife and wild places. Caring for our natural resources is a cultural value and hunting and fishing are part of our heritage. BACKCOUNTRY JUSTICE puts a face on the men and women who work so hard to take care of Wyoming’s wildlife and to serve the public,” Game and Fish Director Scott Talbott said. “We are proud of Game and Fish’s employees and those we partner with to conserve wildlife. It will be exciting to see them all on screen together.”



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